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Pre-Placement Evaluation

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Campus Employees Working in Clinical Programs

UCSF employees working in healthcare settings including UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco General Hospital, and Langely Porter Psychiatric Hospital are required to complete a medical evaluation prior to the start of their employment. The appointment should be scheduled at least a week prior to the anticipated start date. Employees must bring the following to this appointment:

  • Immunization records (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, hepatitis B
  • Copies of any TB skin testing done within the last 12 months
  • Copies of any chest x-ray reports done within the last 12 months
  • Medical documentation if requesting work restrictions and/or accommodations

Graduate Medical Education

Per UCSF GME policy, incoming residents, non-ACGME fellows, and non-ABMS fellows must complete the pre-placement requirements before coming to UCSF.  There will be a charge to the individual for any services provided by OHS.

UCSF Campus

New campus faculty, post-doctoral students, and employees may have an occupational health assessment as needed based on risk factors, work environment, and OSHA regulations.

How to Make an Appointment
The supervisor or Human Resources representative should complete the online Request for Service (Note: Due to security and sensitive information, this form can only be accessed from a UCSF computer or through a VPN) electronic form for any employee being referred to the UCSF Occupational Health Service. The supervisor or HR representative will be notified of clearance of work.


The UCSF Communicable Disease Surveillance and Vaccination Policy identifies requirements for enterprise-wide communicable disease surveillance and vaccinations to reduce the risk of exposure and the transmission of communicable diseases at its many campus settings and to be compliant with regulations. This policy applies to all students, staff, housestaff, fellows, post-doctoral scholars, trainees, faculty, visiting students and scholars, volunteers, contractors and affiliates who have occupational-based risk due to contact with patients, human subjects, animals, or cell lines, potential for blood-borne pathogen exposure, or other regulatory requirement. Occupational risk categories are defined. The UCSF Occupational Health Services Pre-placement Assessment, Vaccinations, and Surveillance Matrix describes specific requirements and recommendations. This matrix will be updated as new requirements are identified.

Specific Laboratory Research Vaccination Requirements TB Surveillance and Vaccinations Available at Drop-in Clinics
  • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis
  • Chickenpox
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • TB Skin test
  • Flu shots

Schedule an appointment for specialized vaccinations not otherwise listed above.

The supervisor or Human Resources representative can complete a Request for Service (Note: Due to security and sensitive information, this form can only be accessed from a UCSF computer or through a VPN) form for an existing (e.g. not new) employee and the employee may bring the Request for Service form to a drop-in TB skin test and Vaccination Clinic.

TB Surveillance

UCSF requires baseline and annual tuberculosis skin testing (TST) for all occupational groups that meet the definitions of Risk Category I and II defined in the UCSF Communicable Disease Surveillance and Vaccination Policy and have contact with patients or human subjects through their work or research in the UCSF Medical Center and Ambulatory Care Clinic practices. Newly hired Medical Center employees must complete the TB screening process prior to their start of employment date. All eligible personnel must participate annually.

Personnel who have tested "positive" in the past are required to have one baseline chest x-ray and then annual symptom review. Chest x-rays will not be performed annually, but only if indicated based on the clinical presentation. At any time, if any employee has symptoms of TB (persistent cough, low grade fevers, unexplained weight loss, night sweats) further evaluation must be done. Please refer to Occupational Health Services.

UCSF Occupational Health Services provides pre-placement TB skin testing for new UCSF employees located at San Francisco General Hospital. SFGH-EHS is responsible for annual testing thereafter.

UCSF Occupational Health Services provides TB skin testing to UCSF personnel who require screening according to laboratory or animal research protocol guidelines or specific occupational risk and identified on the UCSF Occpational Health Services Pre-Placement Assessments, Vaccinations, and Surveillance Matrix.


UCSF will be holding free drop-in flu shot clinics to all UCSF employees, students and volunteers from Monday, September 19th to Friday, October 14th. The drop-in clinics will be at various UCSF locations including: Parnassus, Mt. Zion, Mission Bay, Mission Center Building, Laurel Heights, China Basin, Executive Park, and Emeryville.

The UCSF flu shot drop-in clinics are part of an effort to protect staff, patients and the integrity of the UCSF workforce.

The UCSF flu shot policy requires that all UCSF Medical Center employees, staff, students and volunteers be vaccinated for the seasonal flu. As required by state law, anyone who declines a flu shot must sign a declination form and wear a hospital-supplied mask while in areas where patients are seen, evaluated and treated. Declination forms will be made available in mid-November on the UCSF Occupational Health website. Please visit the following site for more information on UCSF policy: InfluenzaVaccination.pdf.

The 2018 Flu Shot Drop-In Clinic schedule is available now @ FluShotSchedule2018.pdf.
  • Everyone who receives a flu shot will be given an YELLOW sticker that must be placed on the front of his or her ID badge; old stickers should be removed. Employees will have a choice this year to wear a custom sticker.
  • Employees who received a vaccination outside of UCSF must bring documentation to one of the flu shot clinics or Occupational Health Services to receive a sticker. OHS will add this documentation to employees’ electronic health records.

For more information regarding the flu vaccine and CDC recommendations, please see the CDC website at www.cdc.gov.

For information about the Flu Shot program, please contact Occupational Health at 885-7580, option 1, or email ohs@ucsfmedctr.org.

Respirator Medical Clearance

Occupational Health Services assesses health conditions and physical attributes that may influence the effectiveness of or contraindicate a latex respirator mask. Any staff, faculty, housestaff, or student who wears a respirator (e.g. N95 or PAPR) must complete a Medical Clearance prior to fit-testing. Here is the Medical Clearance form. Existing personnel may fax this form to 415-514-5614.

Respirator Fit-Testing

Occupational Health Services completes the Medical Clearance for respirator use. Respirator fit-testing for new employees and anuual renewals is done by Environmental Health and Safety. To schedule a fit test, visit http://www.ehs.ucsf.edu/respiratory-fit-testing-self-scheduling.

Workers Compensation

  • Report the injury to your supervisor immediately.
  • Obtain medical care promptly.
    • If emergency treatment is required, go to the nearest emergency room.
  • Call 1-877-682-7778 and report incidents to Sedgwick CMS.
  • Make an appointment with Occupational Health Services (415) 885-7580 for follow-up care

Occupational Health Services works closely with Campus and Medical Center Disability Management to reduce workplace injury, lost work days, and disability.

Return to Work Evaluation

UCSF Medical Center employees who are absent more than ten (10) days or meet other criteria listed in the Return-to-Work Policy are required to make an appointment in Occupational Health Services prior to returning to work. Employees must provide a written release from their health care provider. Please refer to the UCSF Medical Center Administrative Policy Manual for exact details. Exceptions to this policy are employees out for maternity leave.

Travel Related Services

UCSF Resource Matrix for Travel Health Services

Trip Planning and Travel Registration
When traveling as part of work or school curriculum, UCSF faculty, staff, and students face a host of new risks for which they may be unprepared. UCSF Risk Management provides access to travel accident insurance coverage (available at no cost) which can arrange emergency medical referral and care as well as evacuation and security extraction while you are overseas. Travelers also have access to the iJet Travel Intelligence system which can provide pre-trip travel briefings and emergency health, weather, and security alerts while traveling. Register here or call Risk Management at 476-3460.

UCSF Occupational Health Services Recommendations for Travelers for UCSF Faculty, Staff, Trainees, and Students

Pre-Travel Health Services
UCSF Occupational Health Services offers selected pre-travel services at no cost to UCSF business travelers.

  • Tuberculosis skin testing;
  • Immunity testing and vaccination (if necessary) for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella, and Hepatitis B vaccination to UCSF personnel who expect to have patient contact as a component of their global health projects;
  • Influenza vaccination is available as long as annual supplies last.

UCSF Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic
The UCSF Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic provides fee-based pre-travel care to the UCSF community. This Clinic is a unique partnership, between the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Pharmaceutical Services, in collaboration with Occupational Health Services and the School of Pharmacy.  During clinic visits patients will undergo a complete pre-travel medical evaluation and receive education about prevention of illness, prescriptions for prophylaxis against diarrheal and vector-borne disease, as well as administration of necessary immunizations.
Services by appointment only. Call 415-353-2626.

Post-travel Health Services
UCSF Occupational Health Services provides guidance and specific post-travel services to UCSF faculty, staff, and trainees who travel for UCSF business.

Other Resources
San Francisco Department of Public Health's Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic.

Centers for Disease Control Travelers' Health

Page date: June 15, 2016