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In November 2005, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Eugene Washington charged an ad hoc Occupational Health and Safety Oversight Committee to make recommendations on occupational health services for the UCSF community. This group recommended that clinical care services previously provided by the campus Communicable Disease Prevention Program and Medical Center's Employee Health Services be integrated into a single clinical care delivery system. This recommendation was endorsed by the Chancellor's Executive Committee and became effective on July 1, 2007. Dr. Robert Kosnik directs this clinical program. The Student Health Services, directed by Dr. Henry Kahn, continues as the clinical care resource specific to UCSF students.

The initial goal of the integrated Occupational Health Service was to ensure that programs that received services from the Communicable Disease Program completely transitioned to the Occupational Health Service. During Year II (FY2009), the program addressed vaccination, surveillance, and other service gaps to the UCSF community. A Year III (FY2010) workplan is under development.

The Chancellor's Occupational Health and Safety Steering Committee, with representation from each School, reviews the activities of the Occupational Health Service as well as related program elements of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, campus and Medical Center Disability Management, and UCSF Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control. Together these programs make up the integrated Occupational Health Program.

If you have any questions about the Occupational Health Program, please contact Tisha Bertlow at 415-353-7659.